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John C. Wain, MD

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Visiting Surgeon, Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital

Contact Info

John Wain
Massachusetts General Hospital
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA, 02114
Phone: 617-726-5200
Fax: 617-726-7667


Not Available.

DF/HCC Program Affiliation

Lung Cancer

Research Abstract

I have a background in molecular biology and clinical outcomes research. To date, I have participated in a program project grant on molecular epidemology of carcinogen metabolism that used case control studies of lung cancer patients, and epigenetic analysis of tumor samples, to confirm the role of differences in carcinogen metabolism in susceptibility to lung cancer. Currently, I am pursuing outcome analysis of resected lung cancer patients with varying anatomic sites of lymph node metastasis and further molecular epidemiologic studies of adenocarcinoma of the lung.


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