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Full Membership

Full membership in DF/HCC is open to all Harvard faculty of Instructor level or above who complete and submit an online application, together with a current NIH biosketch, including other support pages as required by the NCI, and who meet the following requirements:

  • Principal Investigator or Project Leader on a peer-reviewed cancer-relevant grant, or

  • Co-investigator on a peer-reviewed cancer relevant grant, a primary focus of which is population science, or

  • An Investigator who participates in clinical cancer research (patient-oriented and/or population science-based) through protocol development or implementation, or

  • A newly independent investigator in the cancer field with start-up support from his/her academic department, and

  • The endorsement of the candidate by the Leader of the Program that the candidate proposes to join.

Associate Membership

A candidate for Associate Membership must be:

  • A faculty member of a non-HMS/HSPH, non-DF/HCC-affiliated organization that does not have its own NCI-designated Cancer Center and is engaged in collaborative research with a member(s) of DF/HCC; the nature of such collaboration must be essential to the goals of DF/HCC, or

  • An independent researcher in a field(s) not represented by traditional academic departments at HMS or HSPH (e.g., nursing, oncology social work, complementary and alternative medicine) whose efforts are deemed important or essential to the goals of DF/HCC and who does not meet standard criteria for membership.

The Associate Member category applies to researchers whose expertise is deemed critical to the mission of DF/HCC but do not hold faculty appointments at HMS or HSPH. The Associate Member designation also applies to Harvard-affiliated professionals who do not hold independent faculty posts but contribute in a significant way to research important to disease-based programs.