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The National Cancer Institute (NCI) considers membership in a cancer center a privilege, and takes very seriously the approval review processes for membership. Responsibilities of membership (both full and associate members) include:

  • Active participation in a program (or program in development) of DF/HCC 

  • Use of the DF/HCC Protocol Review and Monitoring System for the generation and implementation of all clinical cancer research protocols to be sponsored by DF/HCC

  •  Acknowledgement of the use of Cancer Center resources from the core grant, as appropriate, on research publications

Every three years, Center membership status is reviewed. If a Center member continues to meet Center membership criteria and is performing satisfactorily in a Program, they are renewed as a Center Member. Program Leaders are asked to conduct annual reviews of Program membership at which time the leadership of each Program may determine which individuals should and should not continue as Program members based upon contributions to and participation in the activities and research of the Program.