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fold faq How do I use the Search Box?

When searching this website, try to use a complete term or phrase to get the most useful results.   Broad-based terms are less precise and display more results. By default, Search looks for keywords and phrases in top-level pages first. Use Advanced Search to narrow your results.

fold faq What is Advanced Search and how do I use it?

Advanced Search is used to narrow results using search words or phrases based on options that the user chooses.  You have the option to choose to search by the following 4 functions:

-  Match
-  Search In
-  From Section
-  Order by

fold faq What Does "Match" Mean?

Match means you want to search based on some part of the search word or phrase you entered:

Distinct Word: Singular Word or phrase

Part of Word:  Any part of the word or phrase

All Words:  All words in a phrase (e.g., searching for “Breast Cancer” finds all occurrences of “Breast” AND “Cancer” )

Any Words: Either one word or the other.  (e.g., searching for “Breast Cancer” finds any occurrences of “Breast” OR “Cancer”)

fold faq What Does "From Section" Mean?

From section: You can start a search from any listed  page

fold faq What Does "Order By" Mean?

Weight/Frequency: Displays results based on the number of times a word or phrase appears on a page

Close to top: Displays results for pages that have the search word or phrase closest to the top of the page

Number of words: Displays results for pages that have the highest number of selected search words or phrases

Date Modified: Displays results based on the date a page was modified

Document Title: Displays results based on document titles

Creation Date: Displays results based on the date a page was created

At a time: Allows the selection of how many pages of results are shown at one time