Website Update to Clinical Research Section

JANUARY 18, 2016

Last night the DF/HCC Clinical Research Support section of the website got an update. Below are three short videos showing the new features, as well as the new location of the Protocol Lifecycle and the Document Library.

Summary of January 2017 Website Updates

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New Features

Finding the Protocol Lifecycle

Finding the Document Library

Summary of additions/changes

Clinical Research Support Landing Page
Previously, when you clicked Clinical Research Support on the main menu, you would be brought directly to the Protocol Lifecycle. Since last night's update, the Clinical Research Home Page will now act as a one-stop-shop for all the major functions of Clinical Research Support at DF/HCC. With one-click access to the Document Library, the Protocol Lifecycle, Clinical Research contact lists, and the new CTRIOODQ, and OHRS pages, we hope the new landing page will make navigating this section quicker and easier.

New Clinical Research Toolbar
When navigating through the new Clinical Research pages on the DF/HCC website, you will notice the teal Clinical Research Toolbar now appears on all Clinical Research pages. This toolbar features a Clinical Research search box, one-click access to the Document Library, and a 'Jump to:' dropdown that will bring you to any of the primary Clinical Research pages.

New CTRIO, ODQ, and OHRS Pages
With this update, the Clinical Trials Research Informatics Office (CTRIO), the Office of Data Quality (ODQ), and the Office for Human Research Studies (OHRS) now have their own pages on the DF/HCC website. Although all documents can still be found centrally via the Document Library and the Protocol Lifecycle, each office will now be able to offer specific resources and support on their own pages.

New PI and Staff Page
Repeat users likely know where to find what they need, but to address those who are new to the DF/HCC Clinical Research Support website, we've assembled the New PI and Staff Resources page, introducing the different sections of the Clinical Research Support website, and collecting useful resources all in one place.

Questions, feedback?
Please contact us with any questions or feedback you might have regarding these new updates or concerning the website in general. We'd love to hear from you!

DF/HCC Communications
Richard Oakley
Danielle Coller