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Timely Special Opportunity (TSO) Award

Award Amount: up to $10,000 direct costs (full institutional indirect costs provided)

Submission Information
Deadline: Open throughout year
Submission: 3 hard copies (complete with figures)
TO: Dr. Peter M. Howley
c/o Mabel Duyao, PhD
Harvard Medical School, Department of Pathology
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, NRB850
Boston MA 02115

"Timely Special Opportunity Awards" have been created in recognition of the key role Programs and Cores have in our Center, and to enhance the ability of Program Leaders and Core Directors to respond to time-sensitive opportunities. "Timely Special Opportunity (TSO) Awards" projects might involve new technology development in a Core, the purchase of a piece of equipment not planned for in the annual budgeting process, or programmatic research opportunities of a time sensitive nature. This RFP will also consider proposals that outline 'seed' projects between DF/HCC investigators and University of Massachusetts Boston faculty, our newly designated MSI partner.

These "TSO Awards" are intended to provide timely funding for projects that provide special opportunities to a Program or Core. Proposals will also be considered that support faculty projects with UMASS_Boston, a Minority-Serving Institution partner of the DF/HCC. Proposals must be submitted through a DF/HCC Center Scientific Council member (Program Leader or Core Director), who must describe the project as it relates to overall program goals and Cancer Center mission. Projects must demonstrably add value to both the Program and the DF/HCC. Proposals must justify the need for IMMEDIATE funding as a "special opportunity". Unlike the requests for Nodal Point projects, requests for "Timely Special Opportunity Awards" do NOT need to be collaborative, inter-programmatic, elaborate, or have preliminary data. We anticipate selecting projects for funding based on the case made for the project contributing to the goals of the Center, the timeliness of the special opportunity, and the availability of funding.

Proposals must be submitted from any recognized DF/HCC Program Leader or Core Director on behalf of program members within the DF/HCC. Each "TSO Award" will consist of a one-time award of up to $10,000, and includes full institutional indirect costs.

The application process has been streamlined to reduce impediments for busy Program Leaders and Core Directors. Review process will be by Associate Director for Program Development, in conjunction with conferring members of the Center, as required. Funding recommendations will be made by the DF/HCC Executive Committee IN A TIMELY AND RESPONSIVE WAY, following recommendations of the Associate Director for Program Development. Application should contain a brief summary of research project, technology development project, Core equipment justification, MSI Collaboration descriptor, and how these will bring Program or Core closer to goals. Note: Should the PI leave the seven institutions of the DF/HCC, the remainder of the award will be returned to the DF/HCC (i.e., may not be transferred to a non-DF/HCC institution).

Grants will be awarded on the basis of the following review criteria (with this order of importance):

  1. SCIENTIFIC EXCELLENCE and MERIT. We invite project proposals that are innovative in terms of cancer knowledge, prevention, and/or care. Proposals need NOT involve collaboration, inter-programmatic interaction, are not required to have extensive preliminary data. Equipment purchases will also be considered if justified in terms of time sensitive nature of need.
  2. ADDED VALUE TO CENTER and PROGRAM or CORE. Projects must further the stated goals and mission of the Program (or Cores as critical support of Program mission), and have demonstrable value added to the Center.

Proposal Contents and Page Limits
Required items (4):

  • Timely Special Opportunity Awards Coversheet (if you have trouble downloading it from the web, you may request one from mabel_duyao@hms.harvard.edu) defining title of proposal, endorsing Program Leader or Core Director name, PIs to be awarded funds (must be member of DF/HCC, and an affiliated member in a Program or Program in Development). A complete listing of programs and program leaders as well as listing of all DF/HCC Core Facilities and directors can be accessed via the DF/HCC website . (Note: Please designate MSI Collaboration Timely Special Opportunity Proposal on Coversheet, if relevant.)
  • Proposal: Maximum of 2 pages of text. Figures and references are allowable in addition to this page limit. No other appendix material will be accepted.
  • Biosketches: Current NIH Biosketch for each participating PI, including all funding sources for PI designated to perform project.
  • Budget Request: Budget estimates NOT EXCEEDING $10K should be submitted on NIH 398 form with major divisions of funds (personnel, equipment, supplies, other, etc.; but no itemization or rationale needed). Funds can be utilized for anything EXCEPT for PI salaries (may be used for equipment, technician or post-doctoral fellow salary).

Proposal Requirements

  1. Projects must be submitted by Core Director, Leader of a DF/HCC Program or Program in Development on behalf of program members. Project does not have to involve the Program/Core Leader as PI or as a direct participant, but this submission on behalf of the program member implies endorsement by the Program Leader or Core Director. Proposals need NOT involve collaboration, inter-programmatic interaction, and are not required to have preliminary data. Equipment purchases will also be considered if justified in terms of time sensitive nature of need.
  2. Program Leader/Core Director must describe the project as it relates to overall program goals and Cancer Center mission.
  3.  Proposals must conform to the page and content requirements listed below. Three (3) copies must be submitted for consideration. Submissions will be accepted at any time during the year.