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Request for Proposals: DF/HCC Gynecologic Cancers Program

The DF/HCC Gynecologic Cancers Program Announces a Request For Proposals for a Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) in Ovarian Cancer. The DF/HCC Gynecologic Cancer Program has a long history of leading the field in the development of novel therapeutic approaches to these diseases. The development of effective new treatments depends critically upon well designed and executed translational science. This effort requires collaborative efforts utilizing the scientific resources of many laboratories across the Harvard community. The SPORE Program is an NCI sponsored effort to foster translational research in an organ specific fashion.

The DF/HCC Gynecologic Cancer Program requests interested investigators to submit a 1-2 page proposal for a potential project within the Ovarian SPORE. The project should relate to any aspect of ovarian cancer (epidemiology, early detection, biology, genomics, new therapeutic targets, drug resistance, and immunology) but should have translational endpoints and clinical relevance.

Proposals should be sent within 2 weeks to:

Michael J. Birrer, MD, PhD
Yawkey 9-072
55 Fruit Street
Boston MA 02062

A select committee of DF/HCC Gynecologic Cancer members will review all proposals. A limited number of investigators whose proposals are accepted will be invited to give a short presentation to the committee for the selection of the final projects.