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Funding Announcement: The A. David Mazzone Awards Program is currently accepting applications for 2012 funding opportunities

The A. David Mazzone Research Awards Program will fund innovative cancer research to promote collaborations between DF/HCC researchers and researchers at other institutions at the national and international level. Research projects will address a range of needs in Prostate Cancer and Lupron-treatable diseases.

Funding Opportunities are being offered in the following nine Prostate Cancer research categories:

1. DF/HCC RFAs Open Nationally:

High Impact, High Impact Trials, Project Development, Disparities Research, Community Outreach Research, and Lupron-Treatable Disease and Conditions.

2. DF/HCC RFAs Intended for DF/HCC Member Institutions:

Career Development, Pre- and Post-Doctoral Training Program Awards

Application information for DF/HCC applications only:

One page letter of intent due by March 5, 2012.

Proposal submission deadline: 4:59 p.m. EST, Friday, April 6, 2012. 

Program summary and Full RFAs Text: A David Mazzone Awards Program

Letter of Intent and Application submission Web site: https://mazzone.dfci.harvard.edu/ 

Please direct questions to: jhincapie@partners.org 

3. Prostate Cancer Foundation RFAs:

A. David Mazzone-PCF Challenge Award

Submit proposal online to: http://www.pcfscience.org 

The PCF website will start accepting applications after February 15, 2012.

Please direct questions to applications@pcf.org. 

Deadline for applications: 11:59 PM Pacific Time, Friday, MARCH 16, 2012.