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New Resources for Researchers: Study retention, lab websites, recruiting with social media

New resources have recently been added to the DF/HCC Health Communication Core website:

Retention of study participants: How can researchers address the challenges of retaining longitudinal-study participants as they grow up?

Customized lab websites: HCC has developed a streamlined, cost-effective web design process to meet the needs of research labs and cores.

Social media: Tweets and “Likes” may offer low-cost ways to recruit the participants your study needs.

The Health Communication Core provides a full range of professional creative services and DF/HCC member rates. Working on a grant application? Launching a new study? Looking for the best way to get your message across? Schedule a free consultation by contacting health_communication@dfci.harvard.edu or call Catherine Coleman, HCC assistant director, at (617) 632-5078.

The Health Communication Core serves the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, National Cancer Institute, and other medical and research institutions in the US and internationally. To learn more, visit www.healthcommcore.org.