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Request for Applications: DF/HCC Breast Cancer SPORE Career Development Award

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5:00PM – Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Eligibility: Harvard (including Broad Institute) faculty members at a level of Instructor or Assistant Professor. Clinical, population or lab-based researchers are all eligible. Underserved minority applications are particularly encouraged.

Purpose: To develop the careers of young investigators committed to breast cancer.

Focus: Breast Cancer Research (biology, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer).

Range of Awards: $50,000 direct costs annually (plus applicable indirect costs per your institution’s federally negotiated rate). Funds for this award should be spent by July 1, 2016 (the end of the grant period). The second year of funding for these two-year awards will be based upon assessment of progress.

Start Date: Funding will begin February 1, 2014

Selection Criteria: a review committee will make the award based on these criteria:

  • Potential of the applicant to succeed in an independent career in breast cancer research
  • Training experiences and academic record of the applicant
  • Quality and commitment of the mentor and mentorship committee
  • Translational scientific merit of research proposal
  • Enthusiasm of the applicant to participate in the Breast SPORE
  • Interest on the part of the applicant to use SPORE resources
  • Programmatic needs of the SPORE

Application Materials:
e-mail the following materials in a single PDF file to BreastSPORE@partners.org

  • Nominating letter from a senior faculty member who will serve as the applicant’s primary mentor. The letter should outline the research and career plan for the candidate.
  • Letter of institutional support from the applicant’s department chair or division chief providing evidence of institutional support and a guarantee of protected time, research space, and office space.
  • Harvard-format CV
  • Budget categorizing expenditures for each year of funding. FOR INSTITUTIONS OTHER THAN DFCI, SIGN OFF ON THE BUDGET FROM YOUR INSTITUTION IS REQUIRED.
  • Proposal concept describing the applicant’s interest in a career in breast cancer research, the benefits of becoming involved in the SPORE, and how the proposed project fits in the context of the candidate’s career development.

Submissions should be a maximum of five-pages not including an abstract and references

Proposals should follow a standard format that includes specific aims, background, preliminary studies, and approach (note: preliminary data is not required but a record of earlier accomplishments is preferred).

A mentoring section including the establishment of a mentoring committee is required.

Applicants may meet with a SPORE biostatistician for a consultation if desired.


Please send any questions to BreastSPORE@partners.org.