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OnCore/QACT Interface: Subject Registration Goes Live

The Quality Assurance Office for Clinical Trials (QACT) announces the interface between DF/HCC’s new clinical trial management system OnCore and the QACT registration system is now sending all subject registrations. This marks the third and final installment of clinical trial data to flow through the interface since it went operational in June of this year.

The QACT Office is now using OnCore for all subject registrations.

QACT and the Enterprise Informatics for Research Administration (EIRA) team have been steadily working on this interface for the past year. The main business driver for this interface was to eliminate the double-data entry needed to keep both systems in sync and to improve the integrity of the data within OnCore, making it the system of record for DF/HCC clinical trials. With the advent of Epic clinical and revenue cycle systems, which will replace many of the downstream clinical systems that QACT feeds, it was decided that a single interface from OnCore to QACT was the best approach rather than to replace all downstream interfaces from QACT.  

For patient safety reasons, the type of data to flow through the interface was phased to allow for proper quality control verification measures. This past summer, all protocol-level data was pushed through the interface. As of last week, all subject registrations started flowing through the interface.

Please note, the subject registration process with the QACT will not be changing at this time for the research study teams.

For questions or concerns, please contact: Alyssa K. Gateman, Director of QACT, or Erica Woulf, Corporate Team Lead of EIRA