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Cancer Prognostic Resources website launched

This website was created to help healthcare professionals choose among available interactive cancer prognostic tools, which may support communication and understanding about cancer prognosis. Interactive cancer prognostic tools use an algorithm to calculate likely cancer-related outcomes based on a patient's characteristics.

This website allows physicians to search for cancer prognostic tools in three ways: viewing all the tools on a table, comparing all tools based on a cancer site, or searching for specific tools based on criteria. There are currently 22 tools available on the website. One feature of the website is the ability to Submit a Tool, where physicians can provide basic information about a tool that they use that is not listed on the website. Additionally, by registering and logging into the site, physicians can rate and comment on each tool if they have used them.

The website also contains relevant Resources, a Glossary, and About Us section, to name a few. You can also Contact us through the website if you have any questions, and we are also on Facebook and Twitter