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Cancer and Related News, Week of December 2, 2013

Cancer and Related News, Week of December 2, 2013




Prevention Institute Alert: December 3, 2013

A Practitioner's Guide for Advancing Health Equity is a new resource designed to help public health practitioners advance health equity through community prevention strategies. While health disparities can be addressed at multiple levels, this guide focuses on policy, systems, and environmental improvements designed to improve the places where people live, learn, work, and play. It is designed for those who are new to the concept of health equity, as well as those who are already working to create equitable environments. The guide focuses on four key areas to increase equitable health outcomes: incorporating equity into foundational principles of public health practice, tobacco-free living strategies, health food and beverage strategies, and active living strategies.  

In it you’ll find:

  • Tips to help you and your colleagues build organizational capacity; develop partnerships; foster meaningful engagement; and design and evaluate equity-oriented strategies.
  • Strategies, based in evidence and honed by practice, that are designed to reduce health disparities and create healthy communities for all.
  • Information about potential barriers and unintended consequences that can hinder chronic disease prevention efforts.
  • Examples of successful equity-oriented approaches to improving public health and reducing disparities, drawn from communities across the country.

Cancer Prevention and Control  





Four Ways Katie Couric Stacked The Deck Against Gardasil, Forbes

Katie Couric puts the anti-vaccination movement into the mainstream, Los Angeles Times

Is Katie Couric The Next Jenny McCarthy?, TIME

Colorectal cancer screenings vital, but underused, Blair Enterprise Publishing

New Test May Help Predict Survival From Ovarian Cancer, Health Day News

Study highlights need for better sunscreens, Medical Xpress

New findings could tackle over-diagnosis and over-treatment of breast cancer, Medical Xpress

Frequent Screening Mammos Detect Cancer Before Lymph Node Involvement, Diagnostic Imaging

3D mammography 'significantly increases breast cancer detection', Medical News Today

Large differences in cancer survival between European countries still remain despite major improvements in cancer diagnosis,  Medical Xpress

Young women with breast cancer have more late-stage illness, lower survival rates, Waterbury Republican American

Ask Well: Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer, New York Times (blog)

Breast cancer breakthrough could spare thousands needless treatment, Telegraph.co.uk

3D mammography increases cancer detection and reduces call-back rates, study finds, Medical Xpress

Breast cancer risk related to changes in breast density as women age, Medical Xpress

Breast tomosynthesis increases cancer detection and reduces recall rates, Medical Xpress

Genetic mutation may play key role in risk of lethal prostate cancer in overweight patients, Medical Xpress

Biopsies for prostate cancer can leave men with infections that are hard to treat, Washington Post

Palliative Care, the Treatment That Respects Pain, New York Times

Parents remain wary of HPV vaccine, Cayman Net News

New group aims to help cancer patients eat better, Boston Globe

Novel Blood Test to Detect Bowel Cancer and Polyps Developed, TopNews United States

Cancer risk for aging Baby Boomers, Medical Xpress

Action needed with Burma maternal, child health, Medical Xpress

Palliative Care, the Treatment That Respects Pain, New York Times

High Fat Diet Can Cause Cancer, WKHM

Increase in breast cancer gene screening: the Angelina Jolie effect, Boston.com (blog)

Mammography screening intervals may affect breast cancer prognosis, Medical Xpress

Why Do Healthy Non-Smokers Get Lung Cancer?, The Atlantic

Radiographic imaging exposes relationship between obesity and cancer, Medical Xpress


Tobacco Prevention and Control  

Vapors and Emotions Rise at Hearing on E-Cigarettes, New York Times

NYC Council Considers Electronic Cigarette Ban, ABC News

CF bans tobacco use with strictest possible policy, Ocala

City Council votes to regulate e-cigarette sales in LA, Los Angeles Times

Some airports give green light to e-cigarettes, USA TODAY

Pa. Closer to Banning E-Cigarette Use by Kids, NBC 10 Philadelphia

Almost 600 under-16s take up smoking every day in the UK, Medical Xpress

Mother's Smoking, Early Birth May Raise ADHD Risk in Children, Health Day New

Europeans Keep Smoking Crown as French Cigarette Use Rises, Bloomberg

Richmond cracks down on e-cigarettes, Contra Costa Times

Boston expected to ban smoking in parks, Boston Globe

NYC considers adding e-cigarettes to smoking ban, Wall Street Journal

Local legislator wants to pave way for smoking ban in ... - Sun Sentinel, www.sun-sentinel.com\

Chickasaw Passes Smoking Ban - WPMI LOCAL 15 News - Top ..., www.local15tv.com

Ga. regent member proposes campus smoking bans - CBS Atlanta ..., www.cbsatlanta.com

Graphic Warnings on Cigarette Packs May Cut Smoking Rates: Study, Philly.com

Tobacco firms plead case at White House, The Hill (blog)

Seeks To Ban Tobacco Use On New Mexico State University ..., University Herald

Program aims at cutting smoking among Tarrant County's homeless,. Fort Worth Star Telegram

Blowing smoke in the Brussels tobacco war, Deutsche Welle

Raze Credited for Decreased Tobacco Use Numbers Among Teens, WCHS

Doctors' group says tobacco tax rise exploits smokers, Sydney Morning Herald

Plain cigarette packaging 'ineffective' in cutting smoking rates, Business Standard

Big Tobacco Hangs Tough On The Latest Effort To Curb Marketing ..., Forbes

Alberta legislature passes new rules on smoking in cars, use of ..., Edmonton Journal

No smoking — at home? Calif. city passes strictest ordinance in U.S., Washington Post

Florida bill would ban smoking in cars with minors present, Washington Times


Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity  


Social stigmas against breast-feeding may contribute to African-American college students' hesitation, Medical Xpress

Lawmakers Work To Clarify Public Breastfeeding Law, WLNS

Study finds inflammation linked to obesity in adults may be protective in young children, Medical Xpress

Study links sleep to mood disturbance and poor quality of life in obese, Medical Xpress

One or two hours of sports each day best for teens, Reuters

Why a Brisk Walk Is Better, New York Times

Diet Drugs Work: Why Won't Doctors Prescribe Them?, New Yorker (blog)

Getting Farm-Fresh Food to WI Schoolchildren, Public News Service

For this grocer, food desert is an opportunity - Houston Chronicle, www.houstonchronicle.com

Advocate encourages healthy options at food pantries, Green Bay Press Gazette

Central adiposity may blunt metabolism, worsen weight gain, Medical Xpress

Few people read restaurant calorie information, Reuters

You Can't Be Fit and Fat, TIME (blog)

'Healthy Obesity' Is a Myth, Report Says, U.S. News & World Report

US mothers from 1965 to 2010: More TV, less housework, Medical Xpress

Staten Island is the borough of the bulge; obesity an epidemic, SILive.com

Charity sporting events offer incentives to get fit, Reuters

Rick Warren shares the good news about weight-loss plan, USA TODAY

Fasts for Weight Loss vs. Traditional Diets, Wall Street Journal

Obesity Is the New Cigarette, Huffington Post (blog)

Major split over buying junk food with federal aid, San Francisco Chronicle

Science journal retracts French study on GM foods, Toronto Star

Weight loss surgery: do the benefits really outweigh the risks?,Medical News Today

Bad Eating Habits Start in the Womb, New York Times

Fighting Child Obesity - NYTimes.com, www.nytimes.com

Pilot programs urge residents to eat healthier, move more, Herald independent

Diabetes Prevention & Control

Only 29% of People With Diabetes Report That Their Doctors ask ..., Wall Street Journal

Many at Risk for Diabetes and Don't Know It, Study Finds, Health Day News

Preventing diabetes in kids, Fox News

What Price Diabetes Care? Affordability Is New Buzz Word, Medscape

Mild depression tied to diabetes complications, Reuters

First Nations adults have more than double the risk of end-stage kidney disease, Medical Xpress

Exercise May Thwart Type 2 Diabetes in Kids, MedPage Today

Racial disparities persist in diabetes care outcomes, Medical Xpress

Vitamin D decreases pain in women with type 2 diabetes and depression, Medical Xpress

Fetal Death Rates High in Diabetic Women, MedPage Today

Fit And Well Idaho: Diabetes Prevention, KMVT-

Survey to gauge impact of doctor-patient talks in diabetes, PMLiVE

Health act offers hope for diabetics, The Detroit News


Other News of Interest  

Getting federal agencies to work better–and together, Washington Post (blog)

Energy drinks plus alcohol pose a public health threat, Medical Xpress

Health disparities 'could be eliminated in a generation': study, Reuters

Junk food and poor oral health increase risk of premature heart disease, Medical Xpress

Study: 45 Percent Of Americans Live With Chronic Medical Condition, CBS Local

Dr. Gupta: Better health not about Obamacare, it's about you, CNN

Cardiac MRI reveals energy drinks alter heart function,Medical Xpress

Urban Schools Aim for Environmental Revolution,New York Times