DF/HCC Lung Cancer Program Symposium Abstract and Poster request

March 20, 2017

We invite all DF/HCC lung cancer researchers to attend the May 3 DF/HCC Lung Cancer Program Symposium at the JB Martin Conference Center (8-4pm) and particularly want to encourage Fellows, Post-docs, and Junior Faculty to submit abstracts. 

Abstracts (plus posters) are being accepted in the following four categories:

  1. risk, prevention, and disparities
  2. cell biology and signaling
  3. clinical/translational studies
  4. genetics and genomics 

The abstract should feature recent findings that are unpublished at the time of submission or were published no earlier than March of 2017. It will be acceptable to include findings and posters that have been submitted to the 2017 AACR and/or ASCO conferences. The abstracts will be reviewed by the members of the Governance Committee of the DF/HCC Lung Cancer Program and the authors of the four “best abstracts” will be invited to present their findings at the symposium and will be awarded a cash prize. The deadline for abstract submission is Friday, March 31. Please submit the abstract by email to bejohnson@partners.org with a copy to Juliette Cormier (jlcormier@partners.org).

ABSTRACT REQUIREMENTS: Abstracts must be 500 words or less, and fit on an 8 ½ x 11” paper with 1” margins on all sides. Include the title and authors at the top and acknowledgments at the bottom. You may have one (1) figure or one (1) table, and these illustrations must fit on the same page as the abstract text. In addition, please prepare a color poster (max. of 47 x 95 inches - related to the abstract) for exhibition at the symposium. The posters should be brought to the symposium on May 3. They will be discussed and reviewed during the day’s poster session.

Advance registration will be required in order to attend the symposium. Please save the date and send this call-for-abstracts to colleagues, trainees, students, fellows, and young faculty.