DF/HCC SOP Updates Now Posted (Effective August 31st)

June 30, 2017

The DF/HCC clinical research Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) listed below have been revised. In accordance with ADM-100, these changes were drafted by the Clinical Research Operations Committee and have been approved by DF/HCC leadership. When applicable, training on an updated SOP may be required, and should be documented according to the requirements in EDU-100.

The approved updates to the SOPs will go into effect on August 31st, 2017.

Tracked changes have been posted to the DF/HCC website to facilitate notification and review:


Summary of the Changes and Training Requirements

(Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all changes, but a summary of significant updates.)

Significant Changes: Formal Training Required*


MULTI-100: Conducting DF/HCC Investigator-Sponsored Multi-Center Trials

  • This SOP has been edited throughout due to the implementation of an improved multi-center trial review and approval process.
  • Section 5.1 has been updated to outline the new institutional approval requirements, and remove references to the Multi-Center Coordinating Committee (MCC) and MCC-required submission documents.
  • Section 5.1 has also been updated with a small clarification on the existing training requirement for new DF/HCC Sponsors of multi-center research, as coordinated by the Office of Data Quality (ODQ)
  • For more information on the new multi-center approval process, please visit the new ODQ Multi-Center Trials page.


*Formal training or re-training on this SOP is only required for research personnel involved in the conduct of DF/HCC Investigator-Sponsored Multi-Center Trials.


Content and Administrative Updates: No Formal Training Required


INV-100: Research Pharmacy Standard Policy

  • Updated throughout to reflect consensus requirements across DF/HCC institutional research pharmacies, including:
    • Section 5.1: Elements of the standardized Drug Accountability Record Form (DARF) across DF/HCC research pharmacies, and drug accountability maintenance requirements
    • Section 5.5 and 5.6: Clarification on investigational product handling requirements including handling, storage and destruction of investigational drugs per institutional policy.
    • Section 5.7: Clarification on disposition requirements for unused or expired investigational drugs per institutional policy.
    • 5.8: Clarification that external sponsors conducting routine monitoring visits to any DF/HCC research pharmacy must do so in accordance with MON-101 and DF/HCC Operations: Mandatory Research Pharmacy Standard Procedures (new).


INV-101: Transfer of Investigational Drugs

  • Section NCI Drug Accountability Record (NCI DAR) changed to Drug Accountability Record to account for studies not using a NCI DAR.
  • Section Used vials and bottles of liquid (in addition to syringes) will not be collected from the subject.


INV-102: Return of Unused Investigational Drug from Subject to Pharmacy

  • Section 5.4: Updated to reflect institution specific policies for the return and destruction of unused investigational drug to the DFCI, MGH, and BIDMC research pharmacies.


REGIST-200: ClinicalTrials.gov Registration and Maintenance

  • Combined with REGIST-201: Posting Results and Adverse Events on ClinicalTrials.gov.
  • Updated throughout to reflect new federal regulations pertaining to ClinicalTrials.gov reporting, specifically related the HHS Final Rule and the NIH Policy requiring enhanced registration and reporting requirements, effective 1/18/17.
  • Due to the above regulations, major revisions were required to the results reporting requirements for applicable trials.


Additional Document Updates – Effective 8/31/17 unless otherwise noted


SOP Training Record

  • Updated to remove newly retired REGIST-201.


DF/HCC Operations: Mandatory Research Pharmacy Standard Procedures (effective 6/30/17)

  • Created to outline mandatory processes and procedures across the DF/HCC Research Pharmacies, in accordance with updates to INV-100.


DF/HCC Operations: Review and Approval of Investigator-Sponsored Multi-Center Trials

  • Converted from the previous DF/HCC Guidance: Procedures for Submission of Investigator-Sponsored Multi-Center Protocols to reflect the new approval process for multi-center trials in MULTI-100.


Institutional Approval Form for DF/HCC Investigator-Sponsored Multi-Center Trials

  • New Multi-Center Trial approval form to go along with the new approval process in MULTI-100.


Newly Retired SOPs – Effective 8/31/17


REGIST-201: Posting Results and Adverse Events on ClinicalTrials.gov (combined with REGIST-200).

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