UMass Boston & DF/HCC U54 Pilot Projects

January 17, 2018

UMass Boston – DF/HCC Comprehensive Partnership to Advance Cancer Health Equity U54 Grant

Pilot Projects up to $100,000 direct costs per year for two years

Deadline for Letter of Intent (Required): February 6, 2018

Deadline for Application Submission: March 1, 2018

Anticipated Award Date: April 1, 2018

All proposed research projects must illustrate collaboration between UMass Boston and DF/HCC scientists, and focus on any aspect of cancer or cancer disparities. All proposed pilot projects must have high potential for leading to external funding through the NIH or through foundation support, and should provide training opportunities for under-represented minority students and/or fellows.

Projects emphasizing integration of population and basic sciences will be prioritized. 

Projects based primarily at DF/HCC must specifically address areas of cancer disparities among the underserved, racial/ethnic minorities and/or socio-economically disadvantaged populations.

Projects based primarily at UMass Boston may focus on any area of cancer research, including the general areas of environmental carcinogenesis, biological risk factors potentially contributing to cancer disparities, cancer biology, molecular epidemiology, and/or behavioral issues related to cancer prevention, treatment and control. 

We strongly encourage applications that:

  • Create interprogrammatic interactions between members in clinical- and discipline-based research
  • Evaluate biological risk factors that potentially contribute to cancer disparities
  • Include biospecimen procurement for such studies
  • Combine basic and population science methodologies
  • Focus on cancer outreach and include hypothesis-driven research that may lead to increased use of and access to beneficial medical  procedures
    • E.g. primary preventative measures, recruitment and retention of underserved and socioeconomically disadvantaged populations into clinical trials such as prevention, early detection or treatment trials

Investigators who have previously received or who are current recipients of funding from the UMass Boston-DF/HCC Partnership are NOT eligible to apply in response to this RFA. 

Investigators who have received prior NIH funding through any mechanism may not submit pilot project applications that overlap with or extend studies proposed in those prior awards. 

Investigators may submit no more than ONE application as a Co-PI in response to this RFA.

Inquiries regarding finding UMass Boston or DF/HCC collaborators should be submitted via email

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