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    DF/HCC A. David Mazzone Program awards over $3.5 Million for Prostate Cancer Research


    DF/HCC members awarded grants amid tight funding environment

    Biosynthesis and function of lactosaminyl glycans in hematopoiesis ($18 million)
    PI: Robert Sackstein, MD, PhD (BWH)

    Monoclonal Antibody Core

    Under the new leadership of Edward Greenfield, the Monoclonal Antibody Core (MAC) has developed several new services to meet the specialized and growing demands of DF/HCC members and the greater Harvard medical community

    BRAF/MEK: Phase II study to test first BRAF combination for metastatic melanoma

    Melanoma has one of the fastest rising rates of human cancer

    BRAF/MEK: The science of targeting one oncogenic pathway

    In theory, it sounds straightforward: Find genetic mutations essential to the growth and survival of the cancer, identify specific inhibitors in the lab, and validate them in human studies

    The future of BRAF inhibitors

    It is daunting for even the most dedicated of scholars to track the alphabet soup of promising molecular targets and pathways

    Forty-one new members join DF/HCC

    Forty-one individuals have recently joined DF/HCC

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