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    Twenty-four new members join DF/HCC

    Twenty-four individuals have recently joined DF/HCC

    BWH names Nabel next president
    Szostak wins Nobel Prize
    Fall eNews

    The Fall edition of eNews, DF/HCC's quarterly newsletter, has just been published

    Bench to bedside translational science doubling myeloma survival

    Ive been at this for 30 years and the last five years have been truly remarkable, says Kenneth Anderson, MD (DFCI)

    Abiraterone trial to launch in early stage prostate cancer

    A highly anticipated new androgen synthesis inhibitor, abiraterone acetate, will be the subject of the first clinical study in men with localized, but high-risk, prostate cancer

    RNAi Core

    High-throughput RNAi screening in cultured cells has opened up new routes to studying gene function, identifying drug targets, and understanding pathways, including those most relevant to cancer biology

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