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    RNAi Core

    High-throughput RNAi screening in cultured cells has opened up new routes to studying gene function, identifying drug targets, and understanding pathways, including those most relevant to cancer biology

    Greenfield Named Monoclonal Antibody Core Director
    DF/HCC Nodal Awards announced

    DF/HCC offers a multitude of funding opportunities to its members to encourage and enhance the collaborative spirit of research within the Harvard medical community

    DF/HCC members receive Harvard Catalyst Pilot Grants

    The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center is a university-wide collaborative effort committed to reducing the burden of human illness by helping researchers better leverage the human and technological resources of Harvard and its Academic Healthcare Centers

    Twenty-six new members join DF/HCC

    Twenty-six individuals have recently joined DF/HCC

    Gene markers may predict treatment sensitivity in triple-negative breast cancer










    Leif Ellisen (left) and Steven Isakoff (right)

    An old medicine may have a new life for some women with an aggressive form of breast cancer

    Specialized Histopathology Services Core

    The Specialized Histopathology Services Core provides professional and technical research pathology services to members working in diverse organisms, including man, non-human primates, rodents, and zebrafish

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