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    New HHMI Investigators Announced
    Benz assumes role of AACI President
    Two DF/HCC members elected to Institute of Medicine

    On October 8, DF/HCC's William Kaelin, MD, and David Scadden, MD, were announced as two of the 65 new appointments to the Institute of Medicine

    CURE program jumpstarts research careers

    Aisha Townes spoke with such authority on the topic of antibody biomarkers in cancer detection that it would be easy to think she had studied the subject for years, not weeks

    Daniel Cramer, MD accepts award for the DF/HCC SPORE in Ovarian Cancer
    SPORE in Ovarian Cancer Honored

    The research efforts of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center SPORE in Ovarian Cancer were honored on Thursday, September 20th at the Omni Parker House in Boston

    Levi Garraway MD, PhD, and Mark Johnson, MD, PhD
    Garraway and Johnson receive NIH Innovator Awards

    DF/HCC Members Levi Garraway MD, PhD, and Mark Johnson, MD, PhD, were recently announced by the NIH as 2007 recipients of the NIH Director's New Innovator Award

    CD8 stain for the extensive tumor necrosis
    Cancer immunotherapy: Combining approaches to achieve checkmate

    Like a clever chess player, cancer has evolved strategies to escape capture by its opponent, the immune system—a coordinated network of specialized cells that normally protects the body against attacks from foreign invaders

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