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    Histopathologic correlation of Sorafenib
    Circumventing angiogenic escape mechanisms in kidney cancer

    Much like Houdini, who freed himself from handcuffs and shackles, tumors find clever routes of escape from VEGF receptor inhibitors, a new class of drugs heralded for prolonging the survival of patients with renal cell carcinoma (RCC), the most common kidney cancer. In recent months, a team of DF/HCC investigators has been studying these angiogenic escape mechanisms and searching for new therapies to circumvent them

    Thirty-Eight New Members Join DF/HCC

    Thirty-eight individuals from our seven member institutions have recently joined DF/HCC

    New Tissue Banking DVD

    Today we know that “smart” drugs such as Gleevec can block some of the abnormal genetic pathways that cause cancer, with little damage to normal cells

    New HHMI Investigators Announced
    Benz assumes role of AACI President
    Two DF/HCC members elected to Institute of Medicine

    On October 8, DF/HCC's William Kaelin, MD, and David Scadden, MD, were announced as two of the 65 new appointments to the Institute of Medicine

    CURE program jumpstarts research careers

    Aisha Townes spoke with such authority on the topic of antibody biomarkers in cancer detection that it would be easy to think she had studied the subject for years, not weeks

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