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    DF/HCC Timely Special Opportunity (TSO) Awards

    Timely Special Opportunity (TSO) Awards enable program leaders and core directors to receive funding quickly for new time-sensitive research, technology development, or purchase of equipment that will contribute to the mission of DF/HCC

    Clinical Trials
    Charting a better roadmap for clinical research protocols

    The preeminent goal of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center is to rapidly translate important discoveries to improved patient care

    DFCI’s balanced portfolio of scientific investments

    The red and white flags suspended outside Dana-Farber Cancer Institute do more than simply decorate the hospital building; they sum up the dual mission inside: a dedication to discovery and commitment to care

    Success of Prostate SPORE sparks renewal

    The DF/HCC Prostate Cancer SPORE, initially funded in 2002 and led by Philip Kantoff, MD (DFCI), has been highly successful in creating cohesion in the Prostate Cancer Program, sparking new RO1, PO1, and DOD grants, fostering innovative ideas in prostate cancer research, and advancing the careers of junior investigators

    New associate director for administration already fast at work

    On November 15, DF/HCC welcomed Beverly Ginsburg, MBA, as the new associate director for administration, a recruitment that Director Edward J

    DF/HCC Calendar
    Miss an event? Check out new calendar

    DF/HCC has launched an enhanced online calendar of educational events related to basic, clinical, and population science

    Neighbors partner to nurture scientists of color

    DF/HCC and the University of Massachusetts Boston received a five-year, $4.3 million grant from the NIH to jointly develop strategies to reduce health disparities in Boston neighborhoods and to help diversify the region’s biomedical scientists

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