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    Levi Garraway MD, PhD, and Mark Johnson, MD, PhD
    Garraway and Johnson receive NIH Innovator Awards

    DF/HCC Members Levi Garraway MD, PhD, and Mark Johnson, MD, PhD, were recently announced by the NIH as 2007 recipients of the NIH Director's New Innovator Award

    CD8 stain for the extensive tumor necrosis
    Cancer immunotherapy: Combining approaches to achieve checkmate

    Like a clever chess player, cancer has evolved strategies to escape capture by its opponent, the immune system—a coordinated network of specialized cells that normally protects the body against attacks from foreign invaders

    Angiogenesis in action
    Children’s Hospital Boston: Pioneers in cancer research

    Since 1947, when Sidney Farber, MD, achieved the first remission of acute pediatric leukemia, Children’s Hospital Boston has blazed the trail leading to higher survival rates for childhood cancers

    The new ECHO Lab
    Announcing the Enhancing Communications for Health Outcomes (ECHO) Laboratory

    The Dana-Farber / Harvard Cancer Center’s  Health Communication Core (HCC) is proud to announce the opening of the Enhancing Communications for Health Outcomes (ECHO) Laboratory, a multimedia communications laboratory ideal for message testing and for formative research

    Jeffrey S. Flier named next dean of Faculty of Medicine
    Twenty new members join DF/HCC community

    Twenty individuals from our seven member institutions have recently joined DF/HCC

    Hub’s humble cancer hero: Surgical ‘superstar’ Dr. Monica Bertagnolli tackles the tough cases
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