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    Barbara J. McNeil named acting dean of Harvard Medical School
    Big challenges abound for next Harvard Medical School dean
    Genome-wide association study reveals new genetic risk factor for prostate cancer

    The post-genomic era has sparked a new trend in biomedical research that was scarcely imaginable a few years ago

    Harvard School of Public Health: The wide angle lens of population research

    Like a photographer who uses a wide-angle lens to capture a sweeping landscape, the Harvard School of Public Health applies biological, quantitative, and social sciences to analyze health problems across entire populations

    Three DF/HCC scientists win AACR awards

    DF/HCC Program Leaders

    Kenneth C
    BIDMC recruits world-renowned geneticist

    Pier Paolo Pandolfi, MD, PhD, an award-winning cancer geneticist, will soon join the faculty of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

    Eighteen new members join DF/HCC community

    Since December 2006, 18 individuals from our seven member institutions and academic partners have joined DF/HCC -- adding new expertise to the collaborative effort to conquer cancer

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