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    High-Throughput Polymorphism Detection

    April 2014 | eNews

    The DF/HCC High-Throughput Polymorphism Detection Core provides services to Cancer Center members conducting molecular analyses of germline and somatic DNA collected as part of a wide range of investigations into the molecular epidemiology of cancer, including Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS)

    Drew Memmott Joins DF/HCC as the New Associate Director for Administration

    April 2014 | eNews

    Drew Memmott has recently joined DF/HCC as the new Associate Director for Administration

    DNA Resource Core

    April 2014 | eNews

    The DF/HCC DNA Resource Core provides researchers with quality and inexpensive sequencing and plasmid services paired with comprehensive quality control and customer support

    Cancer Killing Nanoparticles Home in on Their Target

    January 2014 | eNews

    While cytotoxic chemotherapy remains the cornerstone of most cancer treatment, therapeutic approaches are becoming ever more targeted, with the goal of killing cancer cells while avoiding damage to healthy cells

    Scientists Strive to Develop Precision Medicine and Combat Treatment Resistance in Prostate Cancer

    January 2014 | eNews

    Nearly all men with early stage prostate cancer are alive five years after diagnosis, but for patients with metastatic prostate cancer, only one third to one half of men are alive at that time

    SGN-CD33A Targets AML by Directly Delivering Toxins

    January 2014 | eNews

    Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a blood malignancy characterized by the proliferation of immature white blood cells, with a concurrent deficiency of normal blood cells

    Survey and Data Management Core Facility

    January 2014 | eNews

    DF/HCC Survey and Data Management Core provides efficient, high-quality survey data collection, management services, and consultation to investigators conducting population science, clinical, and health policy research

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