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    Visualizing the Birth of Cancer in Zebrafish

    Cancer behaves differently in living animals than it does in a dish, so designing animal models is integral to both basic and clinical research in the DF/HCC Cancer Genetics Program

    Cancer Genetics Broadens Its Quest

    A revolution in cancer began almost 50 years ago when Dana-Farber researcher Frederick Li, MD, proposed that genes can raise the risk of inheriting cancer

    Combining PI3K and PARP Inhibition in Breast and Ovarian Cancers

    Of the 180,000 new breast cancers diagnosed yearly in the US, about 20 percent are triple negative breast cancers (TBNC), lacking the HER2 receptor, as well as ligands (binding places) for estrogen and progesterone

    Inhibiting EGFR in Glioblastoma

    Glioblastomas are the most aggressive primary brain tumors in adults, with a median survival of only 9 to 15 months

    Kidney Cancer Program: Progress Against Kidney Tumors

    Common mutations in kidney cancer turn on genes that signal oxygen deprivation, which promotes the growth of new blood vessels and alters cancer cell metabolism towards pathways that support more rapid growth, proliferation, and metastasis

    Crossing the Barrier to Treating Brain Cancers

    Brain tumors are among the most dreaded of cancers, and they were among the first cancers that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) selected for “genomic profiling” – an exercise that reveals genetic or molecular alterations that promote or drive the cancer

    Genetically Profiling Medulloblastoma to Help Young Brain Cancer Patients

    Medulloblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor that primarily affects children under the age of ten, is a cancer that called out for genetic analysis

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