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Kinase and Breast Cancer-related Clone Collections

The DF/HCC DNA Resource Core is pleased to announce that researchers can now view and request clones from our human kinase and breast cancer-associated open reading frame (ORF) clone sets on-line. The clone sets cover more than 500 unique human kinases and more than 1,000 unique breast cancer-associated genes and can be used in many different assay types.


The clones have been fully sequence verified at the Harvard Institute of Proteomics (HMS). Clones are contained in a recombinational cloning vector, making possible a wide array of in vitro and in vivo expression-based assays.

The human kinase clone sets comprise more than 500 human protein and non-protein kinases. C-terminal tagged versions are available for most clones and untagged versions are available for many clones.

The breast cancer gene set or "BC1000" set is an informatically grouped set of ~1,000 human genes associated with breast cancer. Both C-terminally tagged and untagged versions are available for most clones.

Researchers can request an entire collection or select individual clones from the list.  Shipping and handling fees apply but prices are discounted for DF/HCC member labs.