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Purchase Plasmids using a Credit Card through PlasmID

The DF/HCC DNA Resource Core at the Harvard Institute of Proteomics is pleased to announce that credit cards can now be used to purchase clones from the Plasmid Information Database (PlasmID). 


Paying by credit card has many advantages:

-          Avoids the complexities of obtaining Purchase Orders

-          Faster receipt of your order

-          You DO NOT need to set up a PayPal account


The collection includes over 80,000 retroviral, lentiviral and protein expression plasmids containing full length cDNAs or shRNAs from over two dozen organisms and viruses.  Additional clones are being added every day, so check back often!  To order from PlasmID, visit our website plasmid.med.harvard.edu/PLASMID/ and click on "Plasmid Request" at the top of the page.