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A. David Mazzone Research Awards Program

The A. David Mazzone Research Awards Program will fund a series of collaborative and innovative cancer research, career development, community outreach, and training projects to address a range of needs in prostate cancer and Lupron-treatable diseases. The funding agency for the Program is a grant from the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts of a pool of unclaimed funds from the 2004 class action suit settlement by TAP Pharmaceuticals. The class action suit was related to marketing and sales practices for the prostate cancer drug Lupron. The Program will run for five years starting in 2011 and it will be administered jointly through DF/HCC and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

DF/HCC Letters of Intent due this past March 4, 2011 generated a tremendous response!  Over 163 researchers from 43 different institutions are represented in the applicant pool. Additionally, through the CURE Program, our student training program has elicited robust response from high-performing students from groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences. Each year, for five years, the Program will provide support for at least three high school or college students to engage in practical cancer research projects.

The applications deadline for Prostate Cancer Foundation Challenge Awards closed on February 24 and Challenge Awards are expected to start as early as June 1, 2011. The application period is now open for DF/HCC awards through April 15, 2011. RFAs can be found on the DF/HCC Program home page.