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Request for Applications: Pilot Grants for Child Health Research

“Advancing Child Health through Translational Research”

Up to 10 pilot grants of $25,000 - $50,000 for one year
will be awarded by the Harvard Catalyst Child Health Pilot Grant Program.

Applications due Feb. 21, 2012.

We are seeking innovative applications that address one of three themes related to important areas of opportunity in child health research.

Innovative Technologies to Advance Child Health
focuses on the unique needs of children that are often overlooked in technology development.

Health Systems and the Community
focuses on research investigating ways that children and families receive services and the financing of those services, as well as the influence of community contexts in health and development across all stages of childhood.

Life-course, Development, and Transitions
focuses on the many transitions children make as they grow and develop, the developmental origins of adult disease, and developmental differences in disease manifestation and treatment.

Principal Investigators: Harvard faculty of any rank regardless of degree or institutional affiliation
Co-Investigators: Both faculty and non-faculty
Junior and mid-level investigators are encouraged to apply.

For details and the complete RFA, visit the Harvard Catalyst Child Health Pilot Grant Program website at

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