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Request for Applications: SHRINE Query Prize Program: Advancing Health Through Clinical Records Research

Harvard Catalyst is pleased to announce the SHRINE Query Prize Program: A contest for innovative clinical records research projects that utilize the Harvard Catalyst Shared Health Research Information Network (SHRINE).

Up to 20 prizes of $2500 will be awarded by Harvard Catalyst for research projects that address important health problems through querying clinical data using the SHRINE web-based query tool.

Applications due April 19, 2012.


SHRINE from Harvard Catalyst helps researchers overcome one of the greatest problems in population-based research: Locating sufficient numbers of well-characterized, de-identified patients. SHRINE queries result in a total number of patients that meet a given set of clinical criteria across the five participating hospitals: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital Boston, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Typical applications of SHRINE include:

  • Generating new research hypotheses
  • Planning research requiring large sample sizes not easily available at any single institution
  • Preparing grant applications that would benefit from pre-identification and/or characterization of a potential research cohort
  • Identifying potential cohorts for clinical trials
  • Conducting research in the areas of population health and health services

Principal Investigators: The principal investigator and eventual prize recipient must be a current Harvard Medical School faculty member appointed as an instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, or professor; and be primarily employed by one of the five SHRINE participating hospitals.

Co-Investigators: Both faculty and non-faculty.

Winners are eligible to apply for $50,000 grants.

Winners of this query prize will comprise the limited pool eligible to apply for $50,000 one-year research grants to support efforts to secure patient-level data based on SHRINE results. RFA is scheduled to open later in 2012.

To learn more about how SHRINE works, come to our in-person tutorial on Tuesday, March 13, at 5:00pm, in the Ballard Room at the Harvard Medical School Countway Library of Medicine. For more information about this event, email us (shrine_pilots@catalyst.harvard.edu).

For details and the complete RFA, visit the Harvard Catalyst SHRINE Competition website at: