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Nurses' Health Study is recruiting new cohort—NHS3

The DF/HCC Health Communication Core is working with Nurses' Health Study investigators at HSPH to recruit a new cohort of the world's largest, longest-running study of women's health.

Female RNs, LPNs, and nursing students ages 20-46 from across the US and Canada are eligible to enroll in NHS3.

DF/HCC members can help NHS3 reach its goal of 100,000 nurses by spreading the word within your institutions and networks.

HCC created a new website for the study (www.nhs3.org), where women can learn more, join, and take confidential online lifestyle surveys. A "Tell-a-Nurse" page provides easy tools for spreading the word about recruitment.

The multi-faceted recruitment strategy also includes direct mail; a media campaign that produced dozens of online, print, and radio features; outreach at conferences; and the support of leading nursing organizations.

Social media like Facebook and Twitter play a strong role in recruitment while also serving as important components of the study's retention strategy. Retention efforts begin as soon as a nurse enrolls in the study, with the goal of affirming her commitment throughout her life.

To discuss recruitment, retention, or intervention communication needs with HCC's health communication team, please email us at health_communication@dfci.harvard.edu or call Catherine Coleman, Assistant Director at (617) 632-5078.


DF/HCC Health Communication Core