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11th Annual Frye-Halloran Brain Tumor Symposium

The Frye-Halloran Symposium is an annual event that aims to facilitate the transition of promising innovations from the laboratory to the care of the patient. Noteworthy past symposia have included the introduction of micro dialysis for real-time in situ measurement of activated drugs, the identification of novel MRI signal changes as markers of the effect of angiogenesis inhibitors, the development of therapies based upon viral vectors and cell-based immunizations, and racial diversity in glioma patient populations.

The 2012 symposium, taking place at the Massachusetts General Hospital on October 4th, brings together international experts (David Louis MD; Daniel Cahill MD PhD; Andreas von Deimling MD; Stephen Yip MD PhD; Chetan Bettegowda MD PhD; Ross Levine MD; David Schenkein MD; Lewis Cantley PhD; Linda Liau MD PhD; Ovidiu Andronesi MD, PhD) to address the molecular revolution in the diagnosis of low-grade gliomas (WHO Grade I and II). With the identification of specific recurrent mutations in the last 5 years, we are now on the cusp of translating these molecular discoveries into meaningful clinical strategies for patient care. This symposium will set the stage for upcoming clinical trials and opportunities for collaboration as we create the future of care for these patients.

The meeting will be divided into 3 sessions:

Session 1 - CIC in Oligodendrogliomas

Session 2 - IDH1/2 in Grades II/III Gliomas

Session 3 - Clinical Trial Design

Please register at fh2012.neurosuite.org