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Bridge Project Technology Workshop 9/20

The Bridge Project Technology Workshop will take place this Thursday, 9/20, in the Yawkey Conference Center at 450 Brookline Avenue. This workshop, which runs from 6:00 8:00 p.m., is a unique opportunity for cancer researchers from DF/HCC to collaborate with technology researchers from MIT through the Koch Institute.

RFAs for grant funding through the Bridge Project will be available this fall, and applicants for these grants are encouraged to attend the workshop.

The Technology workshop on 9/20 will focus on potential advances in cancer detection, analysis, diagnosis and treatment. Here are the speakers and their topics

Drug Delivery

6:00 Bob Langer

6:15 Paula Hammond

6:30 Darrell Irvine

Early Detection/Diagnostics

6:45 Sangeeta Bhatia

7:00 Cesar Castro

7:15 Michael Cima (videotaped earlier)

7:30 Jay Han (videotaped earlier)

Systems Bio

7:45 Michael Yaffe

8:00 Marc Vidal

Please register for this workshop here: