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Mazzone Awards Program 2012

Mazzone Awards Program 2012
Projects Recommended for Funding for Period 20122014

High Impact

Levi Garraway (DFCI)
Defining the spectrum of resistance to androgen ablation therapy in prostate cancer

Steven Balk (BIDMC)
Molecular Characterization of Gleason 3 Tumors That Progress to Gleason 4

Career Development

Julie Kasperzyk (BWH)
Within-Person Molecular Differences in Primary Versus Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Jennifer Rider (HSPH)
Inflammation and tissue microenvironment as predictors of prostate cancer risk, mortality and therapy response among men with an initially benign TURP

Project Development

Zhe Li (BWH)
Castration-Resistant Luminal Cells in the Prostate

Massimo Loda (DFCI)
Developing a Blood-based Metabolomic Signature of Gleason Score

Robert Cormack (DFCI)
Nanoplatforms for Localized Chemo Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Lupron-Treatable Diseases and Conditions

Jose Teixeira (MGH)
Pre-clinical in vivo studies investigating the efficacy of mTOR inhibitors for uterine fibroids

Elizabeth Henske (BWH)
Targeting estrogen-dependent mechanisms in lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM)

Disparities Research

Lorelei Mucci (HSPH)
Estimating the prostate cancer burden attributed to lifestyle and genetic factors among African-American and White men

Karen Emmons (DFCI)
Factors Influencing Willingness to Participate in Biobanking Among Black Men With and At-Risk for Prostate Cancer

Community Outreach

Jennifer Allen (DFCI)
Engaging African American Faith Communities in Prostate Cancer Education

Glenn Bubley (BIDMC)
Enhancing the effectiveness, mission and outreach of an ongoing community prostate cancer support group

J. Jacques Carter (BIDMC)
Developing and Evaluating PHEN Community Education and Support Groups