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Tissue Microarray Services Now Available at the Specialized Histopathology Services- Longwood Core

As of today, all requests for tissue microarray services should be requested through the DF/HCC Specialized Histopathology Services - Longwood Core under the direction of Dr. Jon Aster.  Ms. Chungdak Namgyal (TMA Technician) and Dr. Scott Rodig (Pathologist) will be the contacts in the Core at Longwood for users for TMA construction services. The Core, working in conjunction with Dr. Max Loda at the DFCI, will provide TMAJ image analysis services starting in the near future.

When submitting a new work request for tissue microarray services, login to genepath.med.harvard.edu/pathcore as usual, scroll down to the Specialized Histopathology Services- Longwood Core and then select one of the TMA service categories.  You will see 3 work request forms to choose from:

  • TMA Construction
  • TMA Sectioning & Staining
  • TMA Analysis [Coming soon]

Work Request forms, donor blocks and H&E slides for TMA services should now be dropped off to Chungdak at the Brigham and Woman’s Hospital.

Chungdak Namgyal
Specialized Histopathology Services- Longwood Core
Thorn building, room 509

Thank you,
Lauri Wyner
DF/HCC Pathology Cores Coordinator