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May 6th Bridge Project Symposium, Roundtable and Networking Event at the Koch Institute.

 The May 6th Roundtable speakers include:

Steven Balk, MD, PhD (BIDMC; Cancer Immunology and Prostate Cancer programs)
Sangeeta Bhatia, MD, PhD (MIT-Koch Institute)
Jay Loeffler, MD (MGH; Neuro-oncology program and Radiation Oncology department)
Philip Sharp, PhD (MIT-Koch Institute)
Matthew Smith, MD, PhD (MGH; Prostate Cancer and Cancer Genetics programs)
K. Dane Wittrup, PhD (MIT-Koch Institute)
Catherine Wu, MD (DFCI; Lymphoma and Myeloma and Leukemia programs)
Michael Yaffe, MD, PhD (MIT-Koch Institute and BIDMC)

The goal for this event is to stimulate interest in cross-institutional collaboration and applications for Bridge Project funding for the September 5, 2013 deadline. Collaborative teams of researchers from MIT and DF/HCC may request up to $750,000 for two years of funding. Eight cancer areas with unmet clinical needs will be eligible for funding (lung, pancreas, glioblastoma, ovary, melanoma, metastatic prostate, metastatic breast and adult leukemia).

Registration is required