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OnCore View Only Access

OnCore View Only Access has been rolled out to the first disease center team—DFCI Leukemia. This accomplishment fulfills the second of two major Dana-Farber Executive Management Group strategic goals targeted for FY13.
OnCore View Only Access allows study teams direct access to data for their respective trials within the OnCore Clinical Trials Management System.  Currently, this data includes details regarding each clinical trial, related IRB submissions, and participant accruals.
Over the next several months, OnCore View Only Access will be rolled out to other DF/HCC disease centers one-by-one. Starting in mid-November 2013, disease centers will be invited to attend orientation sessions and receive training on the use of the OnCore application.   
Many thanks to everyone involved in bringing this goal to completion: DFCI Clinical Trials Office, Office for Human Research Studies, Quality Assurance Office for Clinical Trials, Enterprise Informatics for Research Administration IS team, and especially the DFCI Leukemia team for volunteering to pilot this rollout and work through all the kinks with us.
Please do not hesitate to contact either of us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Farah Daftary, Director, Clinical Trials Operations
Erica Woulf, Corporate Team Lead, Enterprise Informatics for Research Administration