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Survey and Data Management Core Facility

January 2014 | eNews

DF/HCC Survey and Data Management Core provides efficient, high-quality survey data collection, management services, and consultation to investigators conducting population science, clinical, and health policy research. The Core is equipped with specialized expertise including the ability to work in community-based settings, extensive experience working with individuals from racial and ethnic minority groups, and the ability to work in clinical settings, with particular expertise in pediatrics.

Services Offered Through the Core 

Survey-specific services:

  • Protocol development and consulting
  • Questionnaire design and pretesting
  • On-line, mail, and in-person survey design and implementation
  • Qualitative data collection and analysis

Qualitative services: 

  • Moderator guide development
  • Focus group moderation/key informant interviewing
  • Qualitative data coding
  • Thematic analysis and write-up

Other services: 

  • Project management and process tracking systems
  • Data entry and management
  • Participant tracking
  • Case identification
  • Medical record review and abstraction 

Core services are available to all investigators interested in developing new partnership projects on cancer and cancer health disparities. The Core is able to support a wide range of both basic and applied cancer-related research projects. Integration of survey and data research is considered significantly cost-effective and beneficial to investigators who would otherwise be difficult for researchers to access.

Recent Scientific Accomplishments

Individualized Cancer Therapy (iCat) Recommendation for Patients with Recurrent, Refractory, or High Risk Solid Tumors

Principal Investigator: Katherine Janeway (BCH/DFCI)

The aims for this project were to bank tumor specimens from peds participants with recurrent/refractory/high risk solid tumors; identify actionable alterations and provide treatment recommendation (iCat recommendation); capture data regarding the efficacy of treatment based on iCat recommendation; and explore the use of new technologies for clinical profiling of tumor samples.

The Core contributed to this project by formatting data collection instruments; building a data capture system in DatStat Illume; coordinating timing of survey deployment with InForm database; and managing, cleaning and reporting data to the PI.

PediQUEST Champions Formative Research

Principal Investigator: Joanne Wolfe, MD, MPH (DFCI/BCH)

The aim of this project was to use focus groups and in-depth interviews to identify unknown barriers to effective symptom management and QoL in children with advanced cancer, and explore the theoretical model of the PediQUEST Champions intervention.

The Core contributed to this project by co-developing focus group and interview instruments with the PI and study team; conducting focus groups and interviews with children with advanced illness, their parents and providers, and bereaved parents whose children were cared for at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center; providing structural and thematic data coding utilizing NVivo software; and providing thematic analysis and final written reports to the PI.

Project CLEAR-Cigarette Labels: Effectiveness & Resonance

Principal Investigator: Vish Viswanath, PhD (HSPH/DFCI)

The aims for this project were to assess impact of new graphic health warnings on different vulnerable groups; examine longitudinal impact of health warnings; examine interpersonal discussion and diffusion among social networks; and assess local community capacity to promote tobacco control.

The Core contributed to this project by co-developing a focus group moderator guide with the PI and study team; conducting six focus groups in two age groups (young adults,18-24 and adults, 25+) with participants in each of three racial/ethnic groups: Latino, Black and White; providing structural and thematic data coding utilizing NVivo software; and providing thematic analysis and a final written report to the PI.