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Cancer Research Network Scholars Program: Call for Applications

Deadline to submit required Letter of Intent:  September 15, 2014
Upon invitation, deadline to submit Full Application:  December 1, 2014

The Cancer Research Network announced its Call for Applications for the CRN Scholars Program.

For complete application instructions, visit: http://crn.cancer.gov/about/development.html, or contact the Program Coordinator, Sarah McDonald (mcdonald.sj@ghc.org).

About the Training Program:
 The CRN Scholars Program is a 26-month training activity that aims to help junior investigators develop research independence using CRN resources to conduct population-based, multi-site and multi-disciplinary studies that leverage the network’s strengths. The program is open to junior investigators from academic institutions, cancer centers, and other research centers who are interested in pursuing research in the CRN’s areas of focus, including prevention and screening, epidemiology of cancer prognosis and outcomes, health care quality and cost, communications and dissemination/implementation, and informatics.  The emphasis is on development of careers that conduct research in CRN settings, in collaboration with CRN researchers.

Primary aims of this Program are to:

  1. Train junior investigators - CRN Scholars - in the methods, culture, and research opportunities available through the CRN.
  2. Enable CRN Scholars to establish research contacts within the CRN to facilitate collaborative research and to improve access to CRN-affiliated researchers, CRN-specific resources, and the resources of the integrated health care systems in the network.
  3. Support and mentor CRN Scholars to achieve two critical career landmarks of independent investigators: a) becoming PI on a successful R01 grant (or equivalent); and b) becoming first author on an original peer-reviewed research paper derived from research conducted within 1 or more CRN sites.
  4. Foster and facilitate the development of research careers that focus on the use of integrated health care systems with electronic health records as a means for answering critical questions on improving the quality, outcomes, and costs of medical care and population health.

Eligibility Requirements:

Candidates must be doctoral-level (MD/PhD or equivalent) researchers who meet the NIH criteria for New and Early Stage Investigator status.

Candidates should also:

  • Plan a research career in population-based, epidemiologic, clinical or translational cancer research within integrated health care settings.
  • Demonstrate support from a local mentor or mentoring team that will provide oversight throughout the duration of the Program. The Program is designed to complement, not replace, local mentorship.
  • Have at least 20% FTE available to participate in the Scholars Program. The CRN will provide 10% salary support, and the Scholar's host institution must be willing to cover an additional 10% so that the Scholar can devote a minimum of 20% FTE to CRN training and career development activities.
  • Hold a primary research or academic appointment at a qualified research institution, regardless of prior involvement with the CRN or its member institutions. Examples of qualified research institutions include, but are not limited to, CRN sites or affiliate sites, academic health centers, schools of medicine or public health, NCI-designated cancer centers, and other research institutions. If not already in place, Scholars and their institutions and mentors must be committed to establishing a strong collaborative relationship with at least one of the nine CRN sites

Successful candidates will need to be available to participate in two in-person meetings per year. Travel funds will be provided by the CRN. More information can be found on our website. 

About the CRN: The CRN is an NCI-funded consortium of research groups that are part of non-profit, integrated health care delivery systems. Similar to Cancer Center Support Grants, the CRN provides infrastructure support for cancer research in these health care settings. In addition to the CRN Scholars Program for which we are soliciting applicants through this notice, the CRN supports an Informatics Core to harmonize data for cancer research across health systems through our Virtual Data Warehouse, a Developmental and Pilot Projects program for which we solicit applications on an annual basis, and an Outreach and Collaborations Core to encourage research collaborations in key areas that can take advantage of the CRN setting. 

Current Scholars:
 The current CRN Scholars cohort hails from CRN and other research institutions, including Group Health Cooperative, HealthPartners, the National Cancer Institute, UMass Medical School/Meyers Primary Care Institute, UNC Chapel Hill, UT Southwestern Medical Center, the University of Washington, and Yale University.