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Dipanjan Chowdhury, PhD


  • Choi YE, Battelli C, Watson J, Liu J, Curtis J, Morse AN, Matulonis UA, Chowdhury D, Konstantinopoulos PA.
    Sublethal concentrations of 17-AAG suppress homologous recombination DNA repair and enhance sensitivity to carboplatin and olaparib in HR proficient ovarian cancer cells.
    Oncotarget. 2014 May 15;5(9):2678-87.
  • Choi YE, Pan Y, Park E, Konstantinopoulos P, De S, D'Andrea A, Chowdhury D.
    MicroRNAs down-regulate homologous recombination in the G1 phase of cycling cells to maintain genomic stability.
    Elife. 2014;3:e02445.
  • Tubbs AT, Dorsett Y, Chan E, Helmink B, Lee BS, Hung P, George R, Bredemeyer AL, Mittal A, Pappu RV, Chowdhury D, Mosammaparast N, Krangel MS, Sleckman BP.
    KAP-1 Promotes Resection of Broken DNA Ends Not Protected by γ-H2AX and 53BP1 in G1-Phase Lymphocytes.
    Mol Cell Biol. 2014 May 19.
  • Wang M, Kern AM, Hülskötter M, Greninger P, Singh A, Pan Y, Chowdhury D, Krause M, Baumann M, Benes CH, Efstathiou JA, Settleman J, Willers H.
    EGFR-mediated chromatin condensation protects KRAS-mutant cancer cells against ionizing radiation.
    Cancer Res. 2014 May 15(10):2825-34.
  • Lee DH, Acharya SS, Kwon M, Drane P, Guan Y, Adelmant G, Kalev P, Shah J, Pellman D, Marto JA, Chowdhury D.
    Dephosphorylation enables the recruitment of 53BP1 to double-strand DNA breaks.
    Mol Cell. 2014 May 8(3):512-25.
  • Shaltiel IA, Aprelia M, Saurin AT, Chowdhury D, Kops GJ, Voest EE, Medema RH.
    Distinct phosphatases antagonize the p53 response in different phases of the cell cycle.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Apr 7.
  • Kolacinska A, Morawiec J, Fendler W, Malachowska B, Morawiec Z, Szemraj J, Pawlowska Z, Chowdhury D, Choi YE, Kubiak R, Pakula L, Zawlik I.
    Association of microRNAs and pathologic response to preoperative chemotherapy in triple negative breast cancer: preliminary report.
    Mol Biol Rep. 2014 Jan 29.
  • Li XL, Hara T, Choi Y, Subramanian M, Francis P, Bilke S, Walker RL, Pineda M, Zhu Y, Yang Y, Luo J, Wakefield LM, Brabletz T, Park BH, Sharma S, Chowdhury D, Meltzer PS, Lal A.
    A p21-ZEB1 complex inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition through the microRNA 183-96-182 cluster.
    Mol Cell Biol. 2014 Feb;34(3):533-50.
  • Johnson N, Johnson SF, Yao W, Li YC, Choi YE, Bernhardy AJ, Wang Y, Capelletti M, Sarosiek KA, Moreau LA, Chowdhury D, Wickramanayake A, Harrell MI, Liu JF, D'Andrea AD, Miron A, Swisher EM, Shapiro GI.
    Stabilization of mutant BRCA1 protein confers PARP inhibitor and platinum resistance.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 Oct 15;110(42):17041-6.
  • Li YH, Wang X, Pan Y, Lee DH, Chowdhury D, Kimmelman AC.
    Inhibition of non-homologous end joining repair impairs pancreatic cancer growth and enhances radiation response.
    PLoS ONE. 2012;7(6):e39588.
  • Moskwa P, Buffa FM, Pan Y, Panchakshari R, Gottipati P, Muschel RJ, Beech J, Kulshrestha R, Abdelmohsen K, Weinstock DM, Gorospe M, Harris AL, Helleday T, Chowdhury D.
    miR-182-mediated downregulation of BRCA1 impacts DNA repair and sensitivity to PARP inhibitors.
    Mol Cell. 2011 Jan 21;41(2):210-20.
  • Lee DH, Pan Y, Kanner S, Sung P, Borowiec JA, Chowdhury D.
    A PP4 phosphatase complex dephosphorylates RPA2 to facilitate DNA repair via homologous recombination.
    Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2010 Mar;17(3):365-72.
  • Wang B, Li S, Qi HH, Chowdhury D, Shi Y, Novina CD.
    Distinct passenger strand and mRNA cleavage activities of human Argonaute proteins.
    Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2009 Dec;16(12):1259-66.
  • Lal A, Navarro F, Maher CA, Maliszewski LE, Yan N, O'Day E, Chowdhury D, Dykxhoorn DM, Tsai P, Hofmann O, Becker KG, Gorospe M, Hide W, Lieberman J.
    miR-24 Inhibits cell proliferation by targeting E2F2, MYC, and other cell-cycle genes via binding to "seedless" 3'UTR microRNA recognition elements.
    Mol Cell. 2009 Sep 11;35(5):610-25.
  • Zhu P, Martinvalet D, Chowdhury D, Zhang D, Schlesinger A, Lieberman J.
    The cytotoxic T lymphocyte protease granzyme A cleaves and inactivates poly(adenosine 5'-diphosphate-ribose) polymerase-1.
    Blood. 2009 Aug 6;114(6):1205-16.
  • Wang H,Zhao A,Chen L,Zhong X,Liao J,Gao M,Cai M,Lee DH,Li J,Chowdhury D,Yang YG,Pfeifer GP,Yen Y,Xu X.
    Human RIF1 encodes an anti-apoptotic factor required for DNA repair.
    Carcinogenesis. 2009 Aug;30(8):1314-9.
  • Lal A,Pan Y,Navarro F,Dykxhoorn DM,Moreau L,Meire E,Bentwich Z,Lieberman J,Chowdhury D.
    miR-24-mediated downregulation of H2AX suppresses DNA repair in terminally differentiated blood cells.
    Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2009 May;16(5):492-8.
  • Wang B,Zhao A,Sun L,Zhong X,Zhong J,Wang H,Cai M,Li J,Xu Y,Liao J,Sang J,Chowdhury D,Pfeifer GP,Yen Y,Xu X.
    Protein phosphatase PP4 is overexpressed in human breast and lung tumors.
    Cell Res. 2008 Sep;18(9):974-7.
  • Wang B, Zhao A, Sun L, Zhong X, Zhong J, Wang H, Cai M, Li J, Xu Y, Liao J, Sang J, Chowdhury D, Pfeifer GP, Yen Y, Xu X.
    Protein phosphatase PP4 is overexpressed in human breast and lung tumors.
    Cell Res. 2008 Aug 12.
  • Martinvalet D, Thiery J, Chowdhury D.
    Granzymes and cell death.
    Methods Enzymol. 2008;442:213-30.
  • Chowdhury D, Xu X, Zhong X, Ahmed F, Zhong J, Liao J, Dykxhoorn DM, Weinstock DM, Pfeifer GP, Lieberman J.
    A PP4-phosphatase complex dephosphorylates gamma-H2AX generated during DNA replication.
    Mol Cell. 2008 Jul 11;31(1):33-46.
  • Dykxhoorn DM, Chowdhury D, Lieberman J.
    RNA interference and cancer: endogenous pathways and therapeutic approaches.
    Adv Exp Med Biol. 2008;615:299-329. Review.
  • Chowdhury D, Lieberman J.
    Death by a thousand cuts: granzyme pathways of programmed cell death.
    Annu Rev Immunol. 2008;26:389-420. Review.
  • Chowdhury D, Beresford PJ, Zhu P, Zhang D, Sung JS, Demple B, Perrino FW, Lieberman J.
    The exonuclease TREX1 is in the SET complex and acts in concert with NM23-H1 to degrade DNA during granzyme A-mediated cell death.
    Mol Cell. 2006 Jul 7;23(1):133-42.
  • Chowdhury D, Keogh MC, Ishii H, Peterson CL, Buratowski S, Lieberman J.
    gamma-H2AX dephosphorylation by protein phosphatase 2A facilitates DNA double-strand break repair.
    Mol Cell. 2005 Dec 9;20(5):801-9.
  • Palliser D, Chowdhury D, Wang QY, Lee SJ, Bronson RT, Knipe DM, Lieberman J.
    An siRNA-based microbicide protects mice from lethal herpes simplex virus 2 infection.
    Nature. 2006 Jan 5;439(7072):89-94.
  • Keogh MC, Kim JA, Downey M, Fillingham J, Chowdhury D, Harrison JC, Onishi M, Datta N, Galicia S, Emili A, Lieberman J, Shen X, Buratowski S, Haber JE, Durocher D, Greenblatt JF, Krogan NJ.
    A phosphatase complex that dephosphorylates gammaH2AX regulates DNA damage checkpoint recovery.
    Nature. 2006 Jan 26;439(7075):497-501.
  • Chowdhury D, Novina CD.
    RNAi and RNA-Based Regulation of Immune System Function.
    Adv Immunol. 2005;88:267-92.
  • Chowdhury D, Sen R.
    Transient IL-7/IL-7R signaling provides a mechanism for feedback inhibition of immunoglobulin heavy chain gene rearrangements.
    Immunity. 2003 Feb;18(2):229-41.