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Umut Ozcan, MD


  • Park SW, Herrema H, Salazar M, Cakir I, Cabi S, Basibuyuk Sahin F, Chiu YH, Cantley LC, Ozcan U.BRD7 Regulates XBP1s' Activity and Glucose Homeostasis through Its Interaction with the Regulatory Subunits of PI3K.Cell Metab. 2014 May 14.
  • Park SW, Ozcan U.Potential for therapeutic manipulation of the UPR in disease.Semin Immunopathol. 2013 Apr 10.
  • Park SW, Zhou Y, Lee J, Lee J, Ozcan U.Sarco(endo)plasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase 2b is a major regulator of endoplasmic reticulum stress and glucose homeostasis in obesity.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Nov 9;107(45):19320-5.
  • Park SW, Zhou Y, Lee J, Lu A, Sun C, Chung J, Ueki K, Ozcan U.The regulatory subunits of PI3K, p85alpha and p85beta, interact with XBP-1 and increase its nuclear translocation.Nat Med. 2010 Apr;16(4):429-37.