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Joren C. Madsen, MD, PhD


  • Peraino JS, Zhang H, Rajasekera PV, Wei M, Madsen JC, Sachs DH, Huang CA, Wang Z.Diphtheria toxin-based bivalent human IL-2 fusion toxin with improved efficacy for targeting human CD25(+) cells.J Immunol Methods. 2014 Mar;405:57-66.
  • Yamada Y, Aoyama A, Tocco G, Boskovic S, Nadazdin O, Alessandrini A, Madsen JC, Cosimi AB, Benichou G, Kawai T.Differential effects of denileukin diftitox IL-2 immunotoxin on NK and regulatory T cells in nonhuman primates.J Immunol. 2012 Jun 15;188(12):6063-70.
  • Nadazdin O, Boskovic S, Murakami T, Tocco G, Smith RN, Colvin RB, Sachs DH, Allan J, Madsen JC, Kawai T, Cosimi AB, Benichou G.Host alloreactive memory T cells influence tolerance to kidney allografts in nonhuman primates.Sci Transl Med. 2011 Jun 8;3(86):86ra51.