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Wayne Lencer, MD


  • Jin A. Cho1, Ann-Hwee Lee2,3, Barbara Platzer1, Benedict C.S. Cross4, Brooke M. Gardner5, Heidi DeLuca1, Phi Luong1, Heather P. Harding4, Laurie H. Glimcher2,6, Peter Walter5,7, Edda Fiebiger1,2, David Ron4, Jonathan C. Kagan1,2, Wayne I. Lencer1,2 *.Innate immune sensing of a bacterial protein in the ER by IRE1α and RIG-I.Cell Host Microbe..
  • Chinnapen, D.J., W.T. Hsieh, Y.M. Te Welscher, D.E. Saslowsky, L. Kaoutzani, E. Brandsma, L. D'Auria, H. Park, J.S. Wagner, K.R. Drake, M. Kang, T. Benjamin, M.D. Ullman, C.E. Costello, A.K. Kenworthy, T. Baumgart, R.H. Massol, and W.I. Lencer.Lipid Sorting by Ceramide Structure from Plasma Membrane to ER for the Cholera Toxin Receptor Ganglioside GM1.Dev Cell. 2012-09-15;23(3):573-86.