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Adan Colon-Carmona, PhD


  • Alkio M, Tabuchi TM, Wang X, Colón-Carmona A.Stress responses to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Arabidopsis include growth inhibition and hypersensitive response-like symptoms.J Exp Bot. 2005 Nov;56(421):2983-94.
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  • Dubrovsky JG, Rost TL, Colón-Carmona A, Doerner P.Early primordium morphogenesis during lateral root initiation in Arabidopsis thaliana.Planta. 2001 Nov;214(1):30-6.
  • Boisnard-Lorig C, Colon-Carmona A, Bauch M, Hodge S, Doerner P, Bancharel E, Dumas C, Haseloff J, Berger F.Dynamic analyses of the expression of the HISTONE::YFP fusion protein in arabidopsis show that syncytial endosperm is divided in mitotic domains.Plant Cell. 2001 Mar;13(3):495-509.
  • Dubrovsky JG, Doerner PW, Colón-Carmona A, Rost TL.Pericycle cell proliferation and lateral root initiation in Arabidopsis.Plant Physiol. 2000 Dec;124(4):1648-57.
  • Colón-Carmona A, Chen DL, Yeh KC, Abel S.Aux/IAA proteins are phosphorylated by phytochrome in vitro.Plant Physiol. 2000 Dec;124(4):1728-38.
  • Colón-Carmona A, You R, Haimovitch-Gal T, Doerner P.Technical advance: spatio-temporal analysis of mitotic activity with a labile cyclin-GUS fusion protein.Plant J. 1999 Nov;20(4):503-8.