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Mikhail ("Misha") Papisov, PhD


  • Papisov MI, Belov VV, Gannon KS.Physiology of the intrathecal bolus: the leptomeningeal route for macromolecule and particle delivery to CNS.Mol Pharm. 2013 May 6;10(5):1522-32.
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  • Papisov MI, Hiller A, Yurkovetskiy A, Yin M, Barzana M, Hillier S, Fischman AJ.Semisynthetic hydrophilic polyals.Biomacromolecules.;6(5):2659-70.
  • Yurkovetskiy A, Choi S, Hiller A, Yin M, McCusker C, Syed S, Fischman AJ, Papisov MI.Fully degradable hydrophilic polyals for protein modification.Biomacromolecules.;6(5):2648-58.
  • Yurkovetskiy A.V., Hiller A., Syed S., Yin M., Lu X.M., Fischman A.J., and Papisov M.I.Synthesis of a macromolecular camptothecin conjugate with dual phase drug release. Molecular Pharmaceutics.Molecular Pharmaceutics.;1:375-382.