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Harvey Cantor, MD


  • Leavenworth JW, Verbinnen B, Wang Q, Shen E, Cantor H.
    Intracellular osteopontin regulates homeostasis and function of natural killer cells.
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  • Leavenworth JW, Tang X, Kim HJ, Wang X, Cantor H.
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  • Arias DA, McCarty N, Lu L, Maldonado RA, Shinohara ML, Cantor H.
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  • Leavenworth JW, Schellack C, Kim HJ, Lu L, Spee P, Cantor H.
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    Generation and regulation of CD8(+) regulatory T cells.
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  • Werneck MB,Lugo-Villarino G,Hwang ES,Cantor H,Glimcher LH.
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    Regulation of activated CD4+ T cells by NK cells via the Qa-1-NKG2A inhibitory pathway. .
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    Reviving suppression?.
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