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Research Programs

Clinical-based Research

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Program

The Breast Cancer Programís mission is clinical-focused basic and population research; translation of results from this research into improvements in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of human breast cancer; and clinical research concerning treatment, prevention, and diagnosis.

Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, so improved outcomes will be the result of tailored approaches to risk factors, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. To help implement these approaches, the Program fosters communication among DF/HCC investigators through scientific meetings, focused research planning retreats, and electronic and print media. The Program also encourages collaborative research between clinical- and discipline-based programs, among DF/HCC institutions, and among investigators in other NCI-supported Cancer Centers and SPOREs.

The Breast Cancer Program has five specific aims:  

  • Investigate the pathogenesis of human breast cancer
  • Investigate mechanisms of breast cancer progression        
  • Investigate etiology of and susceptibility to breast cancer
  • Improve the treatment of breast cancer
  • Improve the delivery of breast healthcare

Future Goals

  • Expand the base of collaborative research support
  • Promote increased use of shared resources

Value Add

  • Increased communication and interaction among researchers
  • Centralized and rationalized clinical trial mechanisms
  • Critical Core resources
  • Dissemination of critical information to cancer researchers
  • Leveraging infrastructures to build and secure additional funding