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Research Programs

Clinical-based Research

Gynecologic Cancers

Grants and Funding

Grants and Funding

  • DF/HCC Ovarian Cancer SPORE
  • DoD Cancer Research Training Program at DF/HCC
  • Early Detection Research Network (EDRN) Grant
  • U01- MMHCC (Mouse Models of Human Cancers Consortium)
  • Doris Duke Foundation Clinical Interface Planning Award /Center for Innovative Medical Invention and Technology
  • Fellowships* The Wellman Center for Photomedicine offers a variety of postdoctoral fellowships (NIH/NCI/non-NIH)
  • Other: Wellman Center student fellowships; positions currently open in the Hasan laboratory include those for a Research Technologist and a Laboratory Associate

General Grants

2004-06 BJ Wholesale Club and Vendor Family Research Award (Ronny Drapkin)
2005-10 National Cancer Institute K08 CA108748-01 (Ronny Drapkin)

New NIH Grants

“Experimental Photoimmunotherapy of Ovarian Cancer” and “Photodestruction of Ovarian Cancer: ErbB3 Targeted Aptamer-Nanoparticle Conjugate.” PI: Tayyaba Hasan.

New DoD Grants

“Application of Nanotechnology in the Targeted Release of Anticancer Drugs in Ovarian Cancer Treatment.” DoD PI: Colleen Feltmate.