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Research Programs

Clinical-based Research

Kidney Cancer

Collaborative Interactions

Collaborative Interactions

Within DF/HCC, the Kidney Cancer Program has engaged in a wide range of collaborations across disciplines and institutions. Collaborative interactions within the Kidney Cancer Program include:

  • Investigating novel immunotherapy approaches including those targeted at PD-1/PD1-L interaction

  • Examing the role specialized imaging as predictive and surrogate markers of response and resistance to selective therapies.

  • Identifying novel targets for RCC therapy

  • Investigating to biology and treatment of other kidney tumors and hereditary RCC syndromes including Wilms, VHL Syndrome, tuberosclerosis, Birt Hogg Dube and HLRCC. 

  • Identifying biomarkers for early detection of RCC and disease recurrence. 

  • Identifying prognostic factors for RCC.

  • Identifying predictive biomarkers to aid in therapy selection.

  • Identifying mechanisms of response and resistance to standard RCC therapies

  • Determining the role on minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment approaches for RCC